lagbaja coolu temper

  • 01 - Coolu Temper.flv

    01 - Coolu Temper.flv MP3

    Lagbaja classic- No copyright infringement intended for listening pleasure!

    Tags: Lagbaja

  • J Martins - Cool Temper (Official Video)

    J Martins - Cool Temper (Official Video) MP3

    SUBSCRIBE TO J. MARTINS' CHANNEL : Buy J Martins' music : J Martins - Cool Temper ...

    Tags: J Martins, cool temper, official video, naija, afrobeat, afropop, african, nigerian, music, jmartins

  • Lagbaja Feyin e

    Lagbaja Feyin e MP3

    Tags: Lagbaja, naija music, trendypr

  • Kitay performing cool temper - Project Fame 9

    Kitay performing cool temper - Project Fame 9 MP3

    Kitay performing cool temper by Lagbaja - Project Fame season 9.0.
  • Lagbaja - Abami (A Tribute to Fela)

    Lagbaja - Abami (A Tribute to Fela) MP3

    Lagbaja with a dedication to Fela Kuti from his album, Abami.

    Tags: fela kuti, lagbaja, nigeria, naija, abami

  • Lagbaja - Africalypso (Audio)

    Lagbaja - Africalypso (Audio) MP3

    From the CD: Africano - The Mother of Groove Lyric: Africalypso, Africalypso Some four hundred years ago They took away my forefathers From Africa to America ...

    Tags: lagbaja, africalypso, african, nigeria, jazz, juju, highlife, lagos, yoruba

  • Lagbaja - Akebaje

    Lagbaja - Akebaje MP3

    Lagbaja performs 'Akebaje' from his 'ME' album Original Release Date: 28 Jun 1996 Label: Motherlan' Copyright: 1996 Motherlan'

    Tags: lagbaja, me, akebaje, afrobeat, african, music, nigeria

  • Lagbaja - A O Merin J

    Lagbaja - A O Merin J'Oba MP3

    Track from Lagbaja's track, We.

    Tags: naija, nigeria, lagbaja, yoruba

  • Toun T

    Toun T'erin - Lagbaja MP3

    This is a song from the album We by Lagbaja, a Nigerian Afrobeat musician. The song is in both Yoruba and pidgin English.

    Tags: Nigerian Music, Lagbaja, We, We by Lagbaja, Afrobeat, World Music (Musical Genre), Naija song, Nigeria (Country), toun terin, tounterin, Toun Terin, toun terin lagbaja

  • Nigeria   Lagbaja   Nothing For You

    Nigeria Lagbaja Nothing For You MP3

    FREE Nigerian Old School Musics, visit for Nigeria Celeb biographies and interviews.

    Tags: Entertainment, Music, Naija, Nigeria, Musics, truecelebmedia

  • Lágbájá - Omo

    Lágbájá - Omo MP3

    MOTHERLAN' presents "Omo Jayejaye" from Lagbaja's new album - 200 Million Mumu (The Bitter Truth)

    Tags: Lagbaja, Motherlan, Omo Jayejaye, Motherland, Afrobeat, Nigeria, Naija, Africa, Nigerian Music, African, African Music, Fela, Anikulapo, Kuti, Talking Drum, Gangan, Irakere, Salsa, Latino, Latin Rythms, Nollywood, Jayejaye, Odunlade, Racheal, Oniga, Adekola, Lizzy, Anjorin, Olla, Soca, Calypso, Africano

  • Lágbájá - Lulu Fun Won

    Lágbájá - Lulu Fun Won MP3

    Nigeria Music Lulu Fun Won by Lágbájá.

    Tags: Lulu Fun Won, 9ja

  • Lagbaja - Jenke/Faa...To/Ke Ke Ke Ke

    Lagbaja - Jenke/Faa...To/Ke Ke Ke Ke MP3

    Fast-paced medley of tracks from Lágbájá's album, Paradise (2009).

    Tags: Music (TV Genre), yoruba, marriage, wedding, traditional, nigeria, naija, africa, bata, drums

  • Lagbaja - Million

    Lagbaja - Million MP3

    Taken from Lágbája's album, Abami.

    Tags: lagbaja, nigerian, abami, million, naija

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